10 Ways To Maximize Your POS To Help Your Staff’s Experience

POS Optimized

Optimize Your POS And Help Keep Employees

Even before the COVID19 Pandemic, it had become harder and harder to find good employees to work at your bar or restaurant. These issues were exasperated by the pandemic and now you need every advantage over your competition when hiring, onboarding, and ultimately keeping your employees.  One of the biggest components in your operation will be the point of sale system. If yours is giving you problems then your employees will become agitated. Take a look at these features and integrations to help retain and attract new staff.

1.) Optimize Your Menu

Implementing a point-of-sale system can be simple or complex. Many times there may be items that might not get used right away and get forgotten about. Often their are menu changes that are hastily put together or by people that no longer work for the company. Furthermore, you may be running an old version of your POS. Luckily this can be remedied by making sure you are doing at least these 4 things.

  • Properly enter your menu into the database. Take a deep dive on your menu and how it is programmed. Does it have all your current items in there? If an item is not properly entered in the system you are then relying on your staff to make educated decisions on what need to be rung up. This can lead to mistakes in the kitchen and potentially loss of revenue if they ring up the wrong item.
  • Additionally, does your system have all the modifiers attached to the items. Make sure all the possible modifiers are available to be rung in. Similar to your items, having missing or wrong modifiers can cause confusion and items being rung up at zero or not the right price.
  • Are you having difficulties in adding menu items? If you feel that your system is out of date there may be a better way of doing so. Future POS for instance, has an auto menu that allows you to add a button automatically after adding an item.
  • Make sure that you are letting your system not ring in items that are 86ed. You can even use countdowns to make sure after you only have a certain number of specials left, none get rung in. This creates frustration with both the front and back of house, and more importantly your customers.

If your menu is optimized it will be significantly easier for your staff to function efficiantly. Make the system work for your employees to keep your staff happy.

2.) Running The Right Equipment


In the hospitality industry if you are not constantly looking to evolve and improve your dying! That being said, you have probably made some changes from your original way of doing business already. Has your POS setup changed to fit this new business model? Maybe you are running on older equipment that gives you some issues. Reach out to FPOS Group below and we can make sure that your point of sale is optimized for your business.

Having the proper equipment in place creates a better environment for your staff, and sets them up for better success.

3.) Communicate W/ Your Customers Via POS

POS Notify

It has never been easier to communicate with others, and because of that your customer expects the ability to do so. POS Notify is available to any of our customers that are running a newer version of the Future POS. They offer a variety of integrations that allow you to communicate with your customers directly through your Future POS system.

POS Notify allow you to message your customer when their order is ready, and/or inform them that their table is ready, directly through the POS. Additionally your customer can send messages to your staff requesting help such as more water. Finally, your customers can send you a text message that will alert your staff that they have arrived for curbside pickup, and what vehicle they are using.

Having great communication with your customers create a less hostile situation for your staff. Additionally, your staff does not have to use their personal phones to communicate with the public.

4.) Suggest Tips

This is the easiest task on this list. Make sure you are adding a suggested tip line to the bottom of your customers credit card receipts. If you do not print a receipt instead and have a customer facing EMV device, you can have that device suggest tips as well. By implementing suggestive tips, your employees will receive more and higher tips. If they are making more money they will be happier and less likely to go somewhere else.

5.) Online Ordering

Future POS Online Ordering

Nothing is worse than having to pick up a call while you are in the weeds. Offering online ordering is a good way of giving your customers a way to communicate with you versus tying up your employees on the phone. It also helps heading off the aggravation of a customer needing to know everything about your menu, placing a large, or complex order, and keeping your employees from preforming other tasks in house will keep their stress level down.

6.) 7Shifts Scheduling App

7 shifts employee scheduling logo

Scheduling in the hospitality industry is a much greater challenge than in other industries. Employees are constantly changing the schedule put forth by management. Implementing a scheduling app like 7Shifts will allow you to keep your team connected and meet changing demand. They are able to do so by

  • Keeping you better connected to your staff. Keep your entire team informed during uncertain times with built-in chat, announcements, and shift feedback. Share important updates through chat, group messages, or announcements. Publish new schedules directly to your staff’s email or mobile
    device so they always know when and where they’re working.
  • Better managing your team's availability. Adopt workforce management that manages itself by having your team submit time-off and availability requests directly through their free mobile app for managers to approve. Quickly find staff to cover last-minute absences and fill open shifts with ease.
  • Easily schedule based on your changing labor needs. Simplify the process with our drag-and-drop schedule builder that automatically factors in overtime, availability, and regional labor laws so you can build your schedule in minutes, not hours.
  • Optimizing your labor operations. Make smarter, labor-saving business decisions by integrating your POS and payroll to track real-time variances in sales and labor. Easily identify opportunities to lower your labor costs and keep revenue flowing.

By implementing an integrated schedule app like 7Shifts it will save your managers time and aggravation. Additionally, your other employees will enjoy the ease of using the app.

7.) Caller ID

Future POS Caller ID Module

Caller ID works great for your carry-out and delivery business at your restaurant or bar. It allows you to instantly pull up your customer information and creates a unique experience. Furthermore, it will increase order accuracy and create a streamlined ordering process.

By implementing a caller id you will simplify your ordering taking over the phone. This will allow your employees more time to concentrate on taking the order versus getting information that will be stored inside your POS system once you have a Called ID system.

8.) Employee Sales Promotions

Implementing an incentive plan for your employees to upsell is a great way to increase moral. You will be able to reward your employees all while driving more profits. If they are properly upselling their average ticket goes up, as well as their tip.

9.) Back-Up Router

Failover Router

You have probably been there before. It’s the middle of a rush, and all of a sudden your internet goes out. Now your credit cards do not work. You are either taking credit cards in offline mode or not taking cards at all. Time to bring out the knuckle buster right? Even better now you are manually writing down customers credit card information in hopes the transaction goes through when your internet is back up.

Luckily, there is a good solution to prevent this from happening. By implementing a failover router, like a Pepwave and a 3G/4G modem, you will be able to avoid this pain. When your internet goes out, the router will automatically and seamlessly switch over to your cellular device. This will allow any device plugged into this router to accept credit cards with out any downtime. Since every credit card transaction is processed in real time, you will know if a credit card is declined.

Your employees will not even notice your internet being down, so there is no extra training and hassle for your staff.

10.) Maintenance Packages From FPOS Group

Finally, picking up a maintenance package from FPOS Group has many advantages. We have options where we maintain your all your equipment, so as to lessen the chance for failure going forward, all the way down to simply having a knowledgeable person for your staff to work with by phone.

With labor being stretched so thin, many times the first thing that gets neglected is your POS system. As a partner in your business, we will work with you to make sure your system is up to date. Save your employees time by offering the ability to email or call in changes on the fly.


FPOS Group is more than just a POS company, we are hospitality consultants. We work with our clients to come up with the best way to implement systems that work for them not the other way around. Here are just 10 ways that stem from the point of sale that we can help you with. Make sure to Click Here to find out some outside the box ways to better help run your bar or restaurant.

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