2021 In Review

Our Success Is Directly Correlated To Your Success

In 2021 we celebrated our 55th anniversary. we could not have succeeded in this industry without the help of our customers. For this we will be eternally grateful. The COVID19 Pandemic made that even more abundantly clear and has led us to a new approach in serving those customers. In response to the changes in the hospitality industry, we decided to restructure a little bit and create a system that provides our team with better ways to communicate with restaurants and operate more efficiently.

As 2021 saw more restaurants returning and opening their dining rooms struggling to find a new normal, the FPOS Group began to find a new normal as well. We began by bringing in even more staff to help our customers and better assist with their needs. We found new features and old classics that your staff now need to deal with this new world. Below is some additional information from our departments on how 2021 affected them, and what they did to be proactive and respond to the situation.


POS Salesman

Customers wanted to again buy in person, instead of predominantly over the phone as in 2020. Under the direction of the new Director of Sales, our sales staff has begun to get back to pre pandemic numbers. The first task was to fill a void in our Cincinnati office left by a long term manager who departed from our team last year. We were able to hire a new sales manager for this area with years of restaurant experience. This has made a dramatic difference for our Cincinnati office! Additionally, we added another part time account representative in our Cleveland market. We are proud to announce that this representative will be going full time starting this week, so many of our customers will see another face in person to check on them and see how we are able to help. Thanks to these additions to our team, as well as a market that has begun to recover, we were able to add close to 100 new customers so far this year. The sales team looks forward to rolling up their sleeves and coming up with further solutions to our customers' problems

On Site Service

Computer Repair

One of the biggest changes in our company came in reinvesting in our service department. We are adding more staff than ever before. We want to make sure we continue to provide best in class service and support to our customer base. This is never more evident than in our Cincinnati office where we have added additional staff to help our customer base in the southern Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky markets.

Remote and Phone Desk

POS Support

The biggest change that the COVID 19 pandemic brought to our organization was having our call center switch to working from home. This summer we were able to bring back most members of our call center in-house. It is great to have our support staff back under the same roof again! Bringing our staff back in house has also helped us hire even more specialists to help out with your calls.


As we close out this 2021, we are very happy with the results and look to the new challenges 2022 will bring us. As the hospitality industry evolves, so do we as a company. We welcome you to provide us with any insight or feedback you may have so that we can continue to bring the best service and support to our customers.

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