5 Features You Should Be Using In Future POS


Utilize These Features To Better Run Your Business

Future POS started over 20 years ago, and over that time had added and vetted many features over the years to help their customers. These 5 features are some of the FREE features included in your Future POS Software.

Smart Tax

Do you utilize Value Added Tax or VAT in your business? VAT is where you are assuming the cost of the tax on an item. This is great for cash transactions, since you set the price. Future POS, however, has a way to make an inclusive tax, like VAT, exclusive when an item with exclusive tax is added to the ticket. What this means is that person who wants the $3 beer that they get everyday, would still pay $3. However, if this same person were to add a taxable item, such as mozzarella sticks, to that beer they would then pay full tax on both the appetizer and beer. This is extra revenue that you no longer have to pay. Your customer is now paying for their taxes. Smart Tax puts extra money back in your pocket.

Employee Messaging

Future POS has a way to message your employees inside of the point of sale system. Employee Messaging comes in handy when you want all your staff to see a message. Often times you can write down a message on a piece of paper and the information is not relayed still, while employees can claim they simply never saw it. Another problem with writing down a message on a piece of paper is that it can go missing or covered up. Now your employees would not be able to see the message you needed them to see. Finally, what if you have a member of your staff that is on a extended leave and they come back and the paper is no longer up. By setting up Employee Messaging in Future POS you will no longer have these issues. Your employees will have to see the message when they either clocking in and out or even signing on to a terminal.  Furthermore, these messages can be set to reappear for a period of time.

Auto Menu

Future POS is fully customizable which allows you to put buttons anywhere you want the item to be displayed on a screen. This is a great feature if you have the time and know how to put a new menu item where ever you may want to on a screen. If you are looking for an easier way, Auto Menu is the solution. It is a way to program your database to add or remove an item to your screens with one simple action. You just need to find a like item, modify any of the information you may need about the new item and save it. Once this is done, the item will automatically appear in alphabetical order on your terminal screens. This feature automatically adds the item and button at the same time, saving you time on programming.

Beer Club

A decade ago, your beer choices were very limited when you went out to a local bar/restaurant/club. Now, more than ever there are so many choices to pick from. Not only are there many microbreweries, but we have ciders, sours, and seltzers just to name a few. How do you get your customer to drink all these options you now have? Implementing Future POS's Beer Club is a great was to tackle this task. Create a list of beers you wish your customer to finish with in a certain period of time and reward them for doing so. Beer Club is a great way to incentivize people to not only come in more frequently, but compete against their friends to see who will finish first. Beer Club can also be used for other menu items making it perfect for wing flavors, burgers, and sandwiches.


Finally, everyone wants to have better control of their inventory. Future POS has two ways to do so inside of the system. The first is by using simple inventory counts with adjusting your quantities. This is great for counting beer bottles for instance. The button will display the amount of an item you should have in stock. If there is a variance with this then you know this is a problem that will need to be looked into.

Finally, Future POS can break down your cost to the ingredient level. Our Inventory Maintenance will take more time to set up and maintain. However, once implemented it will help you have a better grasp of what is going on in your business. You can set up your vendors, case counts, and reorder amounts. Once you set these up and apply the ingredients to your items you can run a variance report and see where you are losing revenue.

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