5 Internal Contests For The Hospitality Industry

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How To Upsell with Future POS

Future POS's Employee Promo Report Spurs More Sales

FPOS Group has some great ideas on how to get your employees to upsell. All items can be tracked by a report so it makes it easy to track your sales. This function has been a core function of Future POS for years. Simply check that an item is an employee promo item then run the report. Utilizing ideas in this article can help you increase sales and profitability.

What to Consider When Running A Contest

One thing to consider when running a contest is to set up an appropriate time. Depending on the results you are looking to gain, is how long you should run your contest. The goal must be achievable. If you make a goal no one can achieve, your employees will lose interest and you will not get the results you want. Another item to consider, is to make sure the prize is worth it. You know your employees better than most. What incentive will drive your employees and still make the contest profitable? What type of contest you are running would be another item you should consider. There are many other ways to have a contest other than, who ever sells the most wins.  Finally, what are the rules of the contest.

What Prizes Should I Offer

The obvious motivator for anyone is cold hard cash. Your employees will appreciate an extra $20, $50, $100 in their paychecks. However, there are some other great ideas to offer as prizes. One of the biggest ones is gift cards. You can give a gift card from your own business, another neighboring business, or a big box store. Work with your neighboring businesses and exchange a gift card. This is a great way to cross promote with other businesses. Other examples are, giving away extra shift meals, win a favor from the boss (have the boss wash your car), or even take the winner to lunch. In a post pandemic world, taking these employees to a concert or sporting event is another great prize.


What Different Type of Contests Should I Run?


The most popular contest is the who ever sells the most wins the prize. This is the easiest way to set up and maintain a contest. You will want to pick a profitable item for your employees to sell more of.

Team Goals

This is similar to running a traditional contest, only this evokes a sense of teamwork. This is a great way to get servers to unite against bartenders and breed computation. Then you can reward the whole team versus an individual.


If you get free swag from vendors, this is a great way to reward your employees at zero cost. You can have your employees earn raffle tickets for achieving certain goals. Then you can raffle off these free items to your employees. Although it is free to you, it has value to your employees.

Bingo Cards

Create a bingo card with categories and goals for each square. This will help round out your employees. You can include items outside of selling such as, greeting customers. You can have your managers spot check employees to give them there spot on the bingo board. This will ensure a good sense of help in the overall customer experience and reward your employees.

Survivor Island

This is a way to make sure your employees are always upselling. All eligible employees start as contestants on the island. Similar to the TV show, employees can be kicked off the island. The last to remain wins. This can be done by having a manager check on if people are upselling. If they are not, they are thrown off the island. This keeps your employees sharp and on their A game at all times if they want to win.


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How Do I Implement Employee Promos?

Any current FPOS Group customers should reach out to their sales representative to get the ball rolling to implement Employee Promos in your business. Please contact FPOS Group and a specialist will be assigned to you.

However, if you are not a current FPOS Group or Future POS customer and would like more information on how we save our customer's time and money please click the link below to set up a demonstration from our staff.