5 New Ways To Implement Technology In Your Restaurant

Are You Planning For The Future?

With rising costs and the labor shortage, it likely becoming harder to run your restaurant. 87% of all restaurants said that new technology was critical to their survival over the pandemic based on a recent restaurant report. There have been great advancements in technology over the past year to help you address these issues. 50% of restaurant operators expect to add more automation technology to support their employees. Below you will find 5 ways to add automation to your restaurant.

1.) Online Ordering

Future POS Online Ordering

Enough can not be said about implementing online ordering. Most people want to support local restaurants by ordering directly from them than a third party app. Eliminate errors and free up your phone with Future POS's free integrated online ordering. No longer will your staff need to waste time on the phone and inputting orders from a separate tablet.

2.) QR Ordering and Pay

Link to FPOS Group and Shift4's QR Pay Video

Implementing QR Pay and Ordering with Future POS is a newer technology that provides a way for your customers to interact with the restaurant without working with the front of the house staff. You will have a way to run the front of the house with minimal to no staff when implementing this technology.

3.) Handheld Technology

FPOS Group has multiple options for you to take orders at the table. By giving your server a tablet they can take more and accurate orders. This can create a better customer experience and add to your bottom line. Additionally, since your ticket amounts would go up so would your servers tips!

4.) Digital Phone System

VOIP Phone

If you are taking carry-out orders and reservation and do not have a digital phone system you are really doing yourself a disservice. Having the ability for your phone to prompt customers versus a busy signal creates a much more polished touch. Using a phone system frees up valuable time your employees can use with completing tasks in store. Implementing with a company like PizzaCloud, the phones can even help upsell before someone has even answered the phone.

5.) Kitchen Display Systems

Chef Tab

Now that we have addressed the front of the house, its time to turn our attention to the back. Implement a Kitchen Display System or KDS to help your kitchen staff. By doing so, you will increase communication, decrease errors, and eliminate the need for kitchen paper. Having a KDS will help your kitchen staff stay organized and keep them on track. This will provide a better work environment for your staff, all while helping lower your cost of doing business.

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