5 Features Every Shift4 Customer Should Be Using


Utilize These Features To Better Run Your Business

Shift4 started over 20 years ago, and over that time had added and vetted many features over the years to help their customers. These are 5 features every Shift4 customer should be utilizing


Are you still taking your customer's credit card away from their table to process their payment? With Shift4's SkyTab handheld device you can take payment at the table. Not only does the device take payment, but it allows you to capture the customer's email address and market to them in Lighthouse BMS. Another great feature is that the SkyTab handheld device allows your customer to receive an internal review. This allows you to get text notifications when someone is not happy with their service.

Lighthouse BMS

Lighthouse BMS is the portal that allows you to preform basic account maintenance on your credit card account. It is also a tool to help you manage your online presence. It allows you to manage your social media and reviews all from one login. No need to log into multiple platforms to achieve the same result. Additionally, there is a free email marketing suite to help you market to your customers. Finally, Lighthouse BMS gives you access to Shift4's open API which is where all new 3rd party integrations will flow from.

Lighthouse Transaction Manager

Lighthouse Transaction Manager is exactly what you may think it is. This portal allows you to manage your credit card transactions and batches. Since all your transactions are secured through Shift4, they have created this secure portal to edit your processing activity. This includes, but not limited to, refunds and adding a tip after a transaction has been settled.

Cash Advantage

If you are taking a deep dive into your finances, you would probably love to not have to pay all those credit card fees. With Shift4's Cash Advantage program you can incentivize your customers to use cash versus credit card for their purchases. This is achieved by having the customer pay for the credit card transaction by capturing a fee inside of your POS system.


If you are not using EMV chip card readers by now, you are playing with fire. By implementing EMV chip card readers you take your transactions out of scope. No longer will your POS system process your transactions. This means that  if your system is breached then the hackers will not be able to get your customer's credit card information.

EMV Reader

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