About FPOS Group ~ From Cash to Cloud

A Family Story

FPOS Group, Inc. started out as Cash Register Sales Company in 1966. 

news clipping dean pritchard founder fpos group 1961

Dean receiving honers at the start of his career in 1961.

Founder, Dean Pritchard, started out with NCR spending 6 years as a service technician for before venturing out on his own with a small shop in Akron, OH. Dean was a service provider at heart and took great pride in his ability to diagnose and repair. It was this skill set that took him from mechanical cash registers into the first generation of electronic cash registers, ECRs.

Pritchard was successful introducing the first generation of restaurant POS systems with pioneering brands Sharp and Micros, and expanded his business with an office in Cleveland.

The Next Generation

In 1985, Dean’s oldest son Steve entered the business as a sales rep. A natural salesperson, Steve contributed significantly to expanding the customer base and taking the business to a new level. In 1991, Dean’s youngest son Scott joined his brother in the business as a sales rep.

Continuing to Innovate

The second generation of POS, much more Windows based, made a significant impact on the cost and sourcing of Restaurant POS systems. The cost began to drop and we were pushed to seek alternatives to remain competitive. That is when Steve and Scott met John Giles, the founder of Future POS. John visited our Akron office and demonstrated what the first versions of his system could do. A unique feature, printing a logo at the top of a guest check, was something that very few other systems were capable of and inspires the customization factor of what Future could be.


This was 1997 and a fundamental relationship had been formed. Steve and Scott’s inspiration fueled the growth of both Cash Register Sales Company and cutting Edge Solutions, John Giles software development company. New sales and installations began rolling out with a regularity that we had never experienced before. We quickly became the highest volume reseller and were putting Future POS on the map.


In 2005, Steve and Scott opened a remote office in Tampa Florida from scratch. Shortly after opening our doors for business there, an opportunity in Dallas, Texas presented itself. The local Future POS dealership was going out of business. Steve, Scott and John visited in November of 2005 and within 3 days Future POS Texas, Inc was born. What was once a one office operation quickly grew to three. Through this quick expansion, many lessons were learned. Most importantly, we discovered the value of local sales and service.


The business continued to grow and in 2008 Steve became the Vice President of Sales for Cutting Edge Solutions, and was tasked with building a reseller channel for John and his development team. Scott stepped into the role of Operating Partner of the business and still serves that role today. Our greatest satisfaction is providing tools for our customers to build successful businesses. It is through this joy of dual success that has provided the inspiration to continue our growth.


As the calendar turned from 2019 to 2020, we added another solution to our arsenal, onePOS. This application provides an alternative to hospitality establishments that might have needs that other solutions could meet, such as cloud enterprise. We acquired the assets of OH POS, a NE Ohio reseller of onePOS, thus bringing aboard the customers being served by OH POS.

Looking forward

The expansion of our company has enabled us to evolve as a solution provider. We now have installations across the US as well as several out of the country. We have Sales Consultants that work locally in all of our territories to assess the needs of our clients and monitor the success of our rollouts. We provide local installation teams to take projects from beginning to end. After that, we have a Tech Support team that answers telephone calls and performs remote desktop support for the life of these systems. We are a full service operation building our success one relationship at a time.

FPOS Group, Inc. rebranded itself in 2018 to better reflect who we are. We are a collection of solution providers that offer local sales consults, propose changes to operational success, then implement these changes to the success of our clients. We currently serve thousands of installations with local support to Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee and Texas. The core of our team has walked a mile in your shoes, most of whom have long histories in the restaurant and bar business. We will be there to help ensure your success.

Our success is founded on the success of our customers.