Have Your Customer’s Pay At The Table

Future POS Quest Tablet

Pay At The Table With Future POS and FPOS Group Future POS and FPOS Group have multiple ways to offer restaurants and bars the ability for their customers to pay at the table. Future POS has had this ability with swiping and in the past couple years now have added EMV capability. This technology is…

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Stop Paying Delivery Fees


Have Your Customer’s Pay For Their Deliveries Future POS and FPOS Group’s preferred online ordering partner, TakeOut7, now offer the same no cost pricing for delivery as well. They accomplish this by having the customer ordering the food pay the delivery fees. Then TakeOut7 partners with DoorDash and they delivery the customer’s order. For example,…

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POS Text Insertion to Overlay Onto Cameras

POS Video

View POS Activities Right On Your Cameras Future POS has a great way to help you view what your employees are really doing on your cameras. Working with a specific surveillance system we are able to use text insertion to overlay onto cameras. This solves that problem of not being able to properly view what…

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Have Future POS Set The Proper Price For You

Price Schedule

Have The Right Pricing Automatically Ring Up Future POS has a great way to automatically change pricing during times such as happy hour. The system can have up to 25 different price schedules. These will automatically change the prices based on certain parameters. These price levels can be programed to show a specific price even…

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Get Alerts Sent Right To Your Phone

Get Text or Email Notifications Sent Right To Your Phone Future POS has a great way to get instantly notified when your staff preforms certain functions on the POS System. This means you can know any activity your employees preform. Getting alerts on activities are great for voids, discounts, and even no sales. You can…

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Stop Employees From Stealing Time From You

Use Clock In/Out Restrictions To Prevent Employee Theft Future POS has a great way to ensure that your employee’s are not stealing time from your business. We are able to do this so by restricting when employees can clock in and out. This can be done by setting a specific minute requirement. The reason you…

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