Why Upgrade Your Future POS System


The Time To Upgrade Your System Is NOW! The hospitality industry has been forever changed by the COVID19 pandemic. Because of this, there have been great advancements in technology for the hospitality business. FPOS Group has been at the forefront of technology since it’s inception. From our humble beginnings with cash registers to the advancing…

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Shift4 Marketplace

Shift4 POS

Shift4 Marketplace 3rd Party POS Interface The Shift4 Marketplace is an extension of the Lighthouse BMS solution that allows 3rd party vendors to interface to the Shift4 family of POS solutions. This marketplace allows for a wide range of certified third-party apps to integrate with your Future POS system. Since the integration works with multiple…

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Factor4 E-Gift Cards

E-Gift Card

Add The Ability To Sell Gift Cards Online Factor4 is a premium gift card partner of FPOS Group. Factor4 has 2 great solutions to sell physical and eGift cards on your website. The first is their Online Storefront Plus and the second is our Online Storefront Lite. Both products allow for an integration with your…

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QR Ordering is Here

Create a New Customer Experience With QR Ordering QR Ordering is now available for all Four, formally Shift4, customers on the newest version of Future POS software. QR ordering is an integrated solution that allows your customers to order and pay without talking to a server. Your customer simply scans a QR code and it…

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Manage Your Shift4 Batches

Shift4 LTM

Use Lighthouse Transaction Manager to Manager Shift4 Batches Shift4’s LTM Allows You To Do More After A Settled Batch Shift4’s Lighthouse Transaction Manager is available to any of their customers. The LTM portal allows Shift4 merchants to edit their batches after a post has settled. This portal provides pre-settlement auditing, comprehensive reporting, 24-month transaction archive,…

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Credit Card Processing Backup

Failover Router

Implement A Failover Router To Minimize Transaction Downtime Use a Pepwave Router and Your Cell Phone Provider to Process Cards When Your Internet is Down You have probably been there before. It’s the middle of a rush, and all of a sudden your internet goes out.  Now your credit cards do not work. You are…

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