Manage Your Shift4 Batches

Shift4 LTM

Use Lighthouse Transaction Manager to Manager Shift4 Batches Shift4’s LTM Allows You To Do More After A Settled Batch Shift4’s Lighthouse Transaction Manager is available to any of their customers. The LTM portal allows Shift4 merchants to edit their batches after a post has settled. This portal provides pre-settlement auditing, comprehensive reporting, 24-month transaction archive,…

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Credit Card Processing Backup

Failover Router

Implement A Failover Router To Minimize Transaction Downtime Use a Pepwave Router and Your Cell Phone Provider to Process Cards When Your Internet is Down You have probably been there before. It’s the middle of a rush, and all of a sudden your internet goes out.  Now your credit cards do not work. You are…

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Quit Paying Your Employees Credit Card Tip Fees!

Credit Card

Implementing Tip Retention on Credit Cards Saves You Money FPOS Group Allows You To Take A Portion Of Your Employees Tips To Cover Your Monthly Fees. FPOS Group offers a feature that allows you to retain a portion of your employees credit card tips. When a customer leaves a tip on their credit card there…

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History Of and Why Should I Use EMV?

EMV Reader

EMV Technology Needs To Be In Place To Protect You and Your Customers. What is EMV? EMV is the chip card inside of credit cards. EMV stands for Europay Mastercard Visa. These were the three big companies that decided to adopt this new technology. Since traditional credit cards use an audio track on a magnetic…

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Take Payments Table and Curbside With Future POS

Future POS SkyTab

Use Shift4’s Skytab Handheld To Take Payment Anywhere SkyTab is a great addition to your Future POS system Shift4 has a device that allows Future POS customers the ability to take integrated payments anywhere. This is available to anyone on a newer version of software. The device easily fits inside your staff hands. The small…

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Shift 4 QR Pay

Link to FPOS Group and Shift4's QR Pay Video

Shift4 Introduces QR Pay Shift4 QR Pay Integrates Directly w/ Future POS QR Pay is another payment option from Shift4. It allows customers to pay their bill by simply scanning a unique code with their smartphone and completing the transaction through a secure website. This FREE feature is available now to any Future POS users utilizing…

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