DigitalPour’s Future POS Integration Takes Maintaining Your Draft Beers To The Next Level

DigitalPour’s Future POS Integration

Simplify Maintaining Your Draft Beers With Future POS and DigitalPour

Draft Beers Handles

DigitalPour is perfect for Future POS customers that have a high number of draft handles, that they change on a regular basis. This integration has been out for sometime now, and has been tested well.  DigitalPour is a software that directly integrates with Future POS. They provide draft inventory management, social media management, and digital menu boards. DigitalPour will save you time by automatically alerting your customers of your current draft selections. Another time saver is it will automatically add the draft button into Future POS. Additionally, it pulls data from Future POS’s reports and helps calculate your profitability of each keg.

What Makes DigitalPour So Great?

Inventory Management

DigitalPour Report

Unlike their competition, since DigitalPour is directly integrated with Future POS’s powerful reports, you are able to run advanced reporting on your drafts. It offers you the ability to view interactive analytic reports, allowing insight into the performance of the beer you serve. The reports can display such metrics as the average time a beer has been on tap, average generated income, and average profits/time on. This information can be grouped by beers, breweries or beer styles. You can view beer sales over time and show how each beer contributes to overall sales volume.


Social Media Integrations

DigitalPour interacts with the following social networks to save you time and engage your customers. Once you let them know a switch has been made, they will automatically post for you on your social media pages. The real time bar list also integrates directly with Facebook, allowing you to show draft beer lists on your page. Finally, it shows when your customers check in, in real time.

Menu Boards

Future POS Digital PourDigitalPour works with our customers to create a unique experience on a screen. Their digital menu boards display beverage name, style, location, ABV & IBU.  Another great item they display is what glass the beer comes in and the color of the beer. Even a beer novice would find it easy to order beers off your menu. It displays the keg level, warning your customers to come in so that they do not miss out on something special. Additionally, it shows what items have just been tapped, and beers that are waiting to be tapped. This is also another great way to use digital signage for marketing by displaying your ads on the screen as well.

POS Integration

DigitalPour works with Future POS to allow users to easily add items to your point of sale system. With a push of a button you can now tell DigitalPour to update Future POS. It will then display a different beer you just tapped. No longer do you have to go through the hassle of adding a button during a rush, or after your off your shift.

Why Use DigitalPour?

DigitalPour will save you time and money. It can save you time by updating Future POS, Social Media, and your menu boards all at the click of a button. This allows anyone at your bar or restaurant to update all three of these crucial items quickly. No longer do you have the pain of a keg blowing after the person in charge of these items has left for the day. Whether it’s 9AM or 9PM, within seconds, your draft system will be up to date.

The other great reason to use Digital Pour is for inventory. Now you can work with the system to know the true cost of each keg. Users can look into trends to see what styles of beers they should be ordering. Another great tool is to be able to show sales reps that their product(s) did not sell. The next time they ask you to pick up an extra handle you can tell them no, it took weeks to change out.

DigitalPour helps cut down on waste and theft. When employees see that you are actively checking your draft inventory they are less inclined to steal. Additionally, after already accounting for your waste, displaying the keg levels holds employees accountable.

How Do I Get DigitalPour?

Any current Future POS customers should reach out to their sales representative to get the ball rolling to implement DigitalPour on their system. Please contact FPOS Group and a specialist will be assigned to you.

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If you are not a current FPOS Group or Future POS customer and would like more information on how we save our customer’s time and money please click the link below to set up a demonstration from our staff.

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