EMV and Point-of-Sale Security

Don’t be like Chipotle…

Just recently Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. announced a breach of the restaurant POS systems at the majority of its 2,250 locations.  Hackers installed malware on the POS terminals with the intent to capture card holder data.  This data would then be used to produce fraudulent credit cards to be used on the black market, drain bank accounts linked to debit cards as well as make purchases on less secure online shopping sites.  

The dates of exposure spanned March 24, 2017 to April 17, 2017.  The scope of the breach at this time is unknown.  More information is detailed on Chipotle’s website; you can click on the link below.

I was a customer of theirs during this period, which provides me a much different perspective of this process.  There are online tools available to you as a consumer to identify whether or not your information was part of the breach and if so, what you can do to protect yourself.  Many of these are detailed on their post.  I have monitored my credit card and as of this writing I have not been affected, but that does not mean that I am out of the woods.  I will continue to do so and act accordingly if I become a victim.

As a merchant accepting credit card payments, you are solely responsible for the information that you collect and archive.  Just recently, Target announced its settlement of its own data breach that occurred in 2013.  The price for them was $18.5 million.  The fines and costs assessed to Chipotle might reach this level or go even higher.

This occurs on the heels of links to E. coli and Salmonella in 2015 that greatly impacted the growth and profitability of their restaurants.  I am quite sure that if Chipotle could reverse time and instill security measures that would eliminate this threat they would do so.  You have the opportunity to learn from their negligence.

You don’t have to be like Chipotle or Target.  Security tools are available to you now that would entirely eliminate these breach scenarios, thus enabling you to provide a safe environment for you to conduct secure credit card processing.  Future POS can take you “Out of Scope” with all of your credit card processing through EMV (Euro pay MasterCard Visa) chip card reading technology.  This eliminates any card data from ever entering the POS system.  In both the Chipotle and Target breaches, card data was stolen from within the POS system; with Future POS’s EMV solution, you would never be exposed.

Don’t risk your business and the card information of your customers by being like Chipotle.  Call us today for more information on what you can do to protect yourself and your customers.