How To Promote For Saint Patrick’s Day

How To Get The Most Out Of Saint Patrick's Day

With Saint Patrick's Day coming up, this is a great time to capitalize on the big holiday. There are many ways to put more money in your pocket no matter what day this holiday lands on. Many ideas you may of heard of, many you of may have. Now, lets take a look at how your bar or restaurant can make the most out of the Saint Patrick's Day.

Menu Ideas

One of the easiest places to start working on driving additional revenue from the holiday is by promoting current menu offerings, or by creating new one. Some of these may include;

First look at creating special Saint Patrick's Day discounts. This is an obvious choice, but start with discounting regular menu prices. People are looking for competitive beer and food pricing when picking a location to celebrate the day. Since the holiday falls on the 17th play around with that discount percentage. See what others are doing in the area and find something that will set you apart from others.

Don't forget this is an all day spectacle. Use your liquor license to it's full potential. Start by offering early morning specials. Breakfast food can be great for buffet setting that requires less from your staff. The earlier you can start generating revenue the better. Offer a special Saint Patrick's Day menu during the rest of the day. Offer items like sauerkraut balls and corned beef sandwich's. A little green food coloring can go a long way as well. Make sure to highlight best sellers and high profit items. This is great for customers who are not familiar with your menu. If you offer a complex menu this is a great way to spotlight what makes your bar or restaurant unique. This will allow you to make it easy for these customers to make selections from a limited menu. This will also help the back of the house because it allows them to concentrate on specific menu items instead of the whole menu. You can create drink and shot specials before hand.  By creating a special menu you can help out your staff and customers by streamlining your process for this special day.


Green eggs and beer are a great way to start your day, but providing live entertainment takes it to another level. Having a bag piper play in the morning is a great way of getting the party started. Make sure to have a DJ to keep the vibe going and interacting with the customers. Another great idea is to have a photo booth set up where people can take their pictures. Also encourage your customers to dress up and offer a best costume contest. You can even host this event during a traditional slow time to keep customers around and attract new ones.

Operational Success

Now that you have implemented a game plan, its time to put some final touches to make this day a huge success.

If you are a restaurant, do not forget about online ordering. Most of you customer's will be impaired and will lead to added stress to your operation. Help alleviate this stress by promoting your online ordering for your carry out business. This is a great time to offer that 17% off discount idea by creating an online code for your customers to use. Take this even one step further by offering QR Ordering. This will allow customer's to order food right from their phone.

Another huge part of operational success is working with delivery apps. Partner with a ridesharing app to provide customer's with a discount to use their service. This will help provide a safe day at a discounted rate for your customers. One thing to remember is that this is a peak time for ridesharing and delivery companies. This means it might be hard for these companies to peak up with your customer's expectations. If this is the case you may want to consider turning off these deliver programs. This is another good reason to use TakeOut7 for your carryout needs and use companies like Door Dash and Uber Eats for delivery.

Finally, now that you have your game plan in place for the big day, its time to promote the plan. A good place to start is with your existing customer base that you have emails addresses for. If you are a Shift4 customer, click here to see how Lighthouse BMS can help you send emails to your customers. And most importantly start broadcasting this over all your social media platforms as soon as possible.


You may choose to use some of these ideas, or all of them. No matter your decision this is a fun day and we hope you are able to make the most out of it. Following these steps is a great way we like to show our customers how to save themselves time and put money back in their wallets.