How To Promote The Super Bowl

How To Get The Most Out Of The Super Bowl

With the Super Bowl coming up, this is a great time to capitalize on the big game. Even if your team is not involved in the big day, there are many ways to put more money in your pocket. Many ideas you may of heard of, many you of may have. Now, lets take a look at how your bar or restaurant can make the most out of the Super Bowl.

Menu Ideas

POS Menu Ideas

One of the easiest places to start working on driving additional revenue from the big game is by promoting current menu offerings, or by creating new one. Some of these may include;

First look at creating special Super Bowl discounts. This is an obvious choice, but start with discounting regular menu prices. People are looking for competitive beer and food pricing when picking a location for the game. See what others are doing in the area and find something that sticks out.

Another great idea is to offer a special game day menu. This is great for customers who are not familiar with your menu. If you offer a complex menu this is a great way to spotlight what makes your bar or restaurant unique. This will allow you to make it easy for these customers to make selections from a limited menu. This will also help the back of the house because it allows them to concentrate on specific menu items instead of the whole menu. Finally, you can create drink and shot specials before hand in premade drinks.  By creating a special gameday menu you can help out your staff and customers by streamlining your process for this special day.

POS Catering

Thirdly, this is a great time to promote your catering. If you do not have one, this is the time to make one. People will be looking to provide food for their parties they are hosting at their house or at your place of business.

Furthermore, remember all those innovative ideas restaurateurs were using when their dining rooms were closed. This is a great time to bring back the take and bake options. Pizzas are a great example of an offering where customers can purchase the item ahead of time and cook it themselves. Meal kits were also a great idea during this time! This is a good way to boost your pre Super Bowl sales and help alleviate the headaches of all your sales coming in at one time.

Another great way to make your business stand out is to run a halftime special. This is an easy way to ensure people are at your business and spending money at halftime. You can take this to the next level by creating carryout and delivery specials during this time. Much of your business comes from people wanting food for halftime or before the big show.

Finally, just because the Super Bowl is at night does not mean you can not capitalize on other serving periods. This is a great time to offer brunch specials to get people in early before the big game. Offer an exclusive tailgating experience your competition is not offering. Make this an all day event at your establishment..


Contests are a fun way to create an interactive experience they would not normally get. This is a great way to make you stand out over your competition and attract an audience you normally might not get to enter your establishment. You can offer all sorts of prizes or turn these into fundraisers.

You can always start with the old stand by of the Super Bowl Squares. For those not familiar with how this rules work of this game click here. Another great idea is the classic bingo game. Create a bingo game specific to the big game. You can even click here for free templates. Finally an outside the box idea is host a Madden Football tournament. Nothing makes a bigger statement on how many TVs you have then being able to see multiple Madden games going on at the same time.

Operational Success

Now that you have implemented a game plan, its time to put some final touches to make this day a huge success.

A big part of your business that has evolved since the COVID19 Pandemic is delivery and carry out. This is your time to shine by offering these options or promoting your own services for this. If you rely on third parties for this day you and your customers might be left let down by a lack luster service. Much like when dining was shut down, its time to make sure you have this functionality ready. If you need to staff up for the peak times do so. Do not be the place that people would order from, but it is going to take too long! This is a planed rush, so plan accordingly that day.

This is also a good time to push your own online ordering platform. Offer online only discounts that apply before the big game to get those pre orders in. This will help free up your phones. Another great idea would be to turn off third party delivery availability during the game. If you believe that this might be an issue schedule to turn off online ordering now. If you are using a phone system like Pizza Cloud, you can funnel all your sales to where you want them as well. To learn about Future POS's online ordering options click here.

Finally, now that you have your game plan in place for the big day, its time to promote the plan. A good place to start is with your existing customer base that you have emails addresses for. If you are a Shift4 customer, click here to see how Lighthouse BMS can help you send emails to your customers. And most importantly start broadcasting this over all your social media platforms as soon as possible.


You may choose to use some of these ideas, or all of them. No matter your decision this is a fun day and we hope you are able to make the most out of it. Following these steps is a great way we like to show our customers how to save themselves time and put money back in their wallets.