Implement A Digital Phone System to Help Run Your Restaurant

Exciting New Partner - PizzaCloud



PizzaCloud is a partner company that offers phone services to restaurants, specializing in the pizza vertical. They work to lower your phone bills and increase sales through improved phone handling, new features, advanced reporting, and managed network services. They do this by offering IP phone service, cellular backup internet, and for larger customers, a call center. We are excited for this new relationship as it will provide our customers with a company to fulfill your phone answering needs in a post pandemic world.

IP Phone Service

VOIP Phone

Since the pandemic started in 2020 customers have been turning away from traditional dining and looking for more carry out and delivery options. Implementing a phone service is more important than ever, and this is why we have partnered with PizzaCloud to help you navigate implementing a system. They are able to increase your revenue and lower your costs by;

  1. Eliminating the dreaded busy signal
  2. Recording all your calls so you can replay a conversation
  3. Call queuing and auto-answering
  4. Multiple (random) start-of-call upsell messages
  5. On-hold music/message loops
  6. Detailed reports - hold times, lost calls etc
  7. Caller ID delivered to your Future POS system
  8. Keep your current number

Cellular Backup Internet

We have touched on the need for a cellular backup in our previous posts, but when implementing a phone system it is something you can not live without. When your internet fails their cellular backup router and service keeps your phones active, credit cards processing, and web orders to continue working. It does this seamlessly by automictically switching over to the cellular service when your internet goes down.