Make Inclusive Taxes Exclusive


Have Your Customers Pay Your Taxes

Use Future POS's Smart Tax Feature to Turn Inclusive Taxes to Exclusive

Smart Tax is a another clever way FPOS Group helps our customers ensure they are maximizing their return on their investment. Smart Tax is a feature that turns all inclusive taxed items exclusive when an exclusive taxed item is added to the ticket. This is great for making sure you are still offering $3 beers without having to give change, but when a customer adds a taxed appetizer they then pay tax on that beer. This feature is available to any Future POS user who uses inclusive tax. This feature has been a part of is core modules for years. This has saved our merchants tens of thousands of dollars over the years.  If you are using inclusive taxes, such as VAT, this is a way to not have to adjust your prices but get more profits from transactions. This works great when running contests to promote appetizers. You leave your customer with a better experience by getting them something they might not generally think of ordering. This leaves your employees happy because larger tickets mean more in tips. Finally, they have not only added on an appetizer for you to make money on, but shifted the customer to paying the taxes versus yourself.


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How Do I Implement Smart Tax?

Any current FPOS Group customers should reach out to their sales representative to get the ball rolling to implement Smart Tax in your business. Please contact FPOS Group and a specialist will be assigned to you.

However, if you are not a current FPOS Group or Future POS customer and would like more information on how we save our customer's time and money please click the link below to set up a demonstration from our staff.