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Let's Play March Madness!

What is March Madness?

It works just like the NCAA tournament bracket.

The first 64 restaurants to sign up on this webpage are our contestants. Then, your customers and fans vote for your restaurant from a page coming soon in head-to-head match ups for each bracket.

The restaurant with the most votes wins the bracket and advances on to the next round.

Why participate In March Madness?

You have the opportunity to talk to your restaurant customers to build fans and create interest and engagement.

This gives is all a chance to sharpen our social media marketing skills, as we eagerly anticipate a return to normal business activity, and build momentum by staying in front of  customers.

If you have take out and delivery, remind customers you are taking orders .

Free social media help from FPOS Group Inc.

BONUS. The winner of the whole March Madness wins a $500 slam dunk prize. 2nd place wins a $250 supply credit. 3rd place wins $100 supply credit.

I want in. How do I enter? It is easy.

Simply sign up here


So join us in growing our businesses while
having some fun and winning some cash!


May Madness … presented by FPOS Group

  • There will be 64 restaurants entered, the first 64 that sign up here will be enrolled.
  • Restaurants will be placed in brackets randomly by pulling numbers and placing them in the brackets.
  • Third place prize will be rewarded by the losers of the the semi-final results going head to head.

Games will be played in rounds:

Round of 64

03/15 8 Games
03/16 8 Games
03/17 8 Games
03/18 8 Games

Round of 32
03/22 8 Games
03/23 8 Games

Sweet 16
03/25 4 Games
03/26 4 Games

Elite 8
03/29 2 Games
03/29 2 Games

Final 4
03/31 1 Game
03/31 1 Game

Championship and 3rd Place
04/02 Championship
04/02 3rd Place

  • Contest to be 19 days, winner declared at that time. 1st place prize is $500 check from FPOS Group, Inc. It will be mailed to the winner no later than April 30, 2020. Second and Third place prizes will receive an instant credit on their account respectively.
  • A game consists of two restaurants being pitted against each other. Share are Facebook posts to draw customers to vote on the bracket.
  • A game will start at 8am daily and will last for 24 hours. The team with the most votes after this period of time will be declared the winner and move to the next round.
  • This will progress until the bracket is completed at day 19.

March Madness Restaurant Sign-up

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