Online Ordering Is Here To Stay

Future POS’s No Cost Integrated Online Ordering

Why You Need Future POS’s Integrated Online Ordering

Future POS Online OrderingOnline ordering is something that needs to be implemented by your business or you’re going to lose customers. This is great for any bar, brewery, or restaurant offering carry out business or in house delivery. Future POS offers no-cost online ordering to any of their customers running a newer version of the software. FPOS Group’s preferred online ordering partner is TakeOut7. Why TakeOut7? Well, they are an online ordering company created by minds that are familiar with Future POS. For this reason, TakeOut7 offers direct integration with Future POS at no cost. This allows your customer to order their food and drinks right from a website. Once they order from the website, the order prints directly to your printer(s).

Need For Convenience

People like to order online versus placing their order over the phone. Generations that have grown up with computer technology are making ordering online the new norm. No longer do they want to have to tell a person what they are looking for. Secondly, they do not want to have to ask a person over the phone what’s on their menu or what their specials are.  With online ordering, you provide a website that allows you to easily offer your customers a way to find out all this information before or while placing their order(s). Finally, a customer can schedule their order to be fulfilled when they need it to be. An office worker can now place their order at 10AM for noon when they take their lunch. Now you will have ample time to fulfill the order.

Need For Speed and Order Accuracy

Since orders are integrated into Future POS, there is no need to tie up your employees from taking phone orders or taking an order from a tablet. This saves you time from manually entering an order. Your employees are no longer responsible for manually entering the order. This will reduce costly mistakes from your employees.  On top of that, online ordering will help reduce errors because the customer is confirming the order. The customer is making sure everything on their order is correct before confirming the order. Removing these two variables will increase your speed and accuracy of your orders. Finally, with orders being prepaid through Shift4 you can simply hand your customer’s their order when they arrive.

Need To Increase Sales

As mentioned above, if you are not utilizing online ordering, potential customers may choose not to pick your establishment. This is an easy way to get low lying fruit to place an order with you.  Another great feature with online ordering is that all of your modifiers are available for your customers to customize their orders. Online ordering does the upselling for you. Many of your customers may not even know that these options are available to them. These are two easy ways to increase your sales by implementing online ordering.

Need To Market To Your Customers

TakeOut7 is actually more than an online ordering company, they are your marketing partner. They offer their marketing features at no additional charge. One of these features is email blasts. Unlike many of their competition, you own your customer information. TakeOut7 will access this information and automatically send emails to your customers periodically. These emails are used to drive repeat business. Secondly, they optimize your Google listing. The reason for doing this is to provide a quick link to order online. By adding a button to your website, you can drive this traffic to your website prior to ordering online. Finally, they will provide you with in-house marketing material like table tents and door decals.

How Do I Implement No Cost Online Ordering?

Any current Future POS customers should reach out to their sales representative to get the ball rolling to implement online ordering on their system. Please contact FPOS Group and a specialist will be assigned to you.

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However, if you are not a current FPOS Group or Future POS customer and would like more information on how we save our customer’s time and money please click the link below to set up a demonstration from our staff.

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