These 5 Things Are A Must For Running Your Restaurant

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Why Do I Need To Worry About My Digital Presence?

Much has changed over the past years in regards to your restaurants online presence. As a society we were already moving away from our common forms of communication, and towards our phones and computers. As we are sure you have seen, the COVID19 pandemic has accelerated this beyond anyone's expectations. If you are looking to attract and keep new customers, I am sure you are doing the little things like making sure the trash and cigarette butts are cleaned up outside your building. Also things like making sure all your lights work, and trying to present an overall welcoming appearance. I must ask you, do you do this with your online presence? Now more than ever people are using the internet to make their decision on what to eat, versus just driving by. If you are looking to strengthen how you appear online to your customers, then make sure you have these 5 items covered.


First place to start is by having a website. Not only do you need to have a website, but it needs to look modern. If you have not updated your website in the past 5 years, chances are it has outdated information. We here at the FPOS Group had to dive back into making a new and improved website recently., and the changes have impacted us in a very positive way.  When building a website, remember to try and keep it simple, and make sure to have a landing page that offers your basic business information. Have a link to your menu, or even better yet, direct links to your online ordering.

Online Ordering

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Much like having a website, it is imperative that a restaurant offer online ordering. This is an easy revenue stream that a great deal of businesses are missing out on. More and more your customers are choosing to not call in orders and use the web to do so. It offers a convenient way to browse a menu without taking up your staffs time on the phone.  FPOS Group has options for integrated online ordering that allow your orders to automatically be placed in your POS system without requiring a separate tablet, and will print directly to your kitchen. Its like putting a point of sale terminal directly in your customers hands, without your staff spending the time to ring it in.  On a busy night, the amount of time an employee can spend on the phone for carryout orders can be reduced DRAMATICALLY.

Google Listing

Claiming your Google listing is the simplest thing to do on this list, and I'm sure you get daily calls about doing so. This is important to do because this is the way your customers see when they use Google. This information is also used in Google Maps, which can have a huge impact on customer choices based on where they are. Do not let another company claim your listing, and allow their company to push their agenda using your name. Click here to see directly from Google how to claim or create your listing.

Social Media

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Social media is a great way to interact with your customers, especially during times when there are shipping shortages. This is perhaps the best way to let your customers know what is going on with your menu. It is a great way to announce specials, promote holidays, and remind your audience of your classics. If you are not posting everyday, then you are missing the point of what it can do for you. Schedule your posts out for the month to make sure you have content everyday.



This is probably a pretty touchy subject. We all have had to deal with a customer that can never be made happy. Well now this person has a platform to leave you that 1 star review and bash you for the whole world to see. Luckily most customers know not to listen to these reviews, but definitely not all of them. What consumers are looking for are reasonable responses from the owners. Also,  another piece of information to consider is the content which you respond with. Google uses the responses and the text that is in them to help optimize you for their search.


The time to work on these 5 items is now! Our partner TakeOut7 can work with you to create a landing page for a website, claim your Google listing, and create an integrated online ordering solution. With Lighthouse BMS, it aggregates your reviews and social media sites all from one log in. It also allows you to schedule out your posts as well.

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