Point of Sale Systems: Where is the ROI?

When adding new infrastructure to your business there is often an obvious Return on Investment that is overlooked during your initial research. When it comes to Point of Sale systems there is typically a significant return within the first year of purchase that most business owners do not consider. In this article we will take a closer look at how you can use a point of sale solution, like FuturePOS, to cut overhead costs, increase efficiency and in turn create larger profits for your business.
Greater Efficiency For Increased Revenue
There are many factors that will increase how efficiently your business is run when adding a solution to your toolbox. From quicker order entry, to inventory, sales reporting, and even employee time tracking, FuturePOS can help to automate a lot of these processes almost eliminating tedious manual entry.

  • Order Entry – Order entry that was previously done on an antiquated system or even pen and paper can now be streamlined. The days of writing down orders and rushing a paper ticket to your kitchen are gone. This is time that adds up which can take a servers attention away from other guests. With FuturePOS your staff has the capability to utilize multiple types of handheld devices to enter a patrons order as it’s taken tableside, and send it straight back to the kitchen before they even walk away. This is all done with just a few taps of the screen. A handheld solution overall decreases turn around time in turn increasing customer satisfaction creating repeat guests and greater profits.
  • Reporting – Reporting is one of those tasks that used to require a dedicated member of the team to complete. From sales reporting, to labor and employee wage reporting, FuturePOS has actually brought automation to the reporting process. Burn that old ledger book, and delete that 7 year old excel spreadsheet. With advanced reporting capabilities you can setup reports to be automatically ran and emailed to you on any recurring basis you choose. This way, your management team can spend less time entering numbers on a calculator and more time developing your employees, and growing your business.
  • Inventory – When you have a hot selling item you want to make sure that you keep that item in stock. Our solution will help you see item quantities and sales all the way down to the individual ingredients used in real time so you never run out. This also allows for better tracking which in turn can help you cut waste cost, and optimize your product purchasing. Finally, it also provides a great benefit in loss prevention. You can compare a physical count of an item to the inventory numbers originally entered when you received a shipment to eliminate theft or product misplacement.

The above mentioned benefits are just the tip of the iceberg. With other features like surveillance integration, digital signage, and even electronic gift card tracking, having a POS system will help you ascend to the top of the industry. To learn more about FuturePOS or how a new system can benefit your business, contact us today!