Prepare for the Holidays

Holiday Check List

Are You Prepared For The Holiday Season

With the holidays quickly approaching, FPOS Group wants to help make sure you are fully prepared to get the most out of these last 2 months. This is a chaotic time for everyone, and having a good game plan in place is crucial, instead of reacting after its already too late. Please use the photo above, along with the information below, to help build your plan. Here's to a safe and success holiday season for your business.

Gift Cards

Tis the season for your customers to buy gift cards for the holidays. The average person is sitting on $167 in unused gift cards which is essentially free money for you. If you plan on ordering gift cards, this is the peak season for gift card companies, so please make sure to order ASAP, or you may not get your cards in time.

Click Here to order your gift cards if you are processing gift cards directly through your Future POS system and NOT Shift4.

Please reach out to Shift4 to make arrangements in reordering gift cards from them.

Create A Holiday Catering Menu

During the peak of the pandemic, most restaurants were offering catering options for small groups such as families. This is a great idea to offer during the holidays. You are able to create with this special menu items or use existing items to your customers. Creating this limited menu will allow you to capture revenue that you may be missing out on.

Order Merchandise

Along with gift cards, an easy gift to give someone is merchandise from their favorite bar or restaurant. Examples of merchandise to sell are t-shirts, hoodies, stickers, hats, beanies, etc. Similar to gift card producers, many of these companies will need a good lead time to produce and ship. Offering merchandise is another easy way of capturing additional revenue.

Start Promoting

It is great if you have your gift cards, catering menu, and merchandise all ready to go, but how do you let people know? Make sure you are working on this from both a printed and digital prospective. Perhaps start with creating signage to hang around your establishment. This is a great time to get engaged with social media, and create a game plan! Blending your current offerings with holiday specials is a great way to create content your customers are looking for. You probably have limited hours over the holiday as well, so you can use holidays like Thanksgiving to remind people to order gift cards.