Stop Paying Delivery Fees

Have Your Customer's Pay For Their Deliveries

Future POS and FPOS Group's preferred online ordering partner, TakeOut7, now offer the same no cost pricing for delivery as well. They accomplish this by having the customer ordering the food pay the delivery fees. Then TakeOut7 partners with DoorDash and they delivery the customer's order. For example, if the order is $10, and the fees to deliver the order are $8, the bar/restaurant will collect the full $18. Then, every 2 weeks TakeOut7 will deduct the extra fees from their account. This means you will keep the $10 on the original order. There is no additional cost to a bar/restaurant to take online orders for carry out and now delivery. Additionally, this means a bar/restaurant do not need to change your online pricing to reflect an additional cost. Those prices stay the same and the customer is just paying for their added convenience.

Similar to their carryout product, TakeOut7's delivery component is integrated into your Future POS system. Integrating orders to your POS System limits mistakes from manually entering orders. Furthermore, this saves you labor on entering these orders. Additionally, online ordering will be making it easier for your customers to upsell themselves.  TakeOut7 does not charge a setup fee but will import your menu. They work with FPOS Group to get their POS Connect product built. TakeOut7 will work with you to post your online ordering link on Google and your website. Finally, they will send out automatic marketing emails to your customer base recommending to order from you.

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Need To Implement TakeOut7 Delivery To Your Bar/Restaurant?

Any current FPOS Group customer should reach out to their sales representative to get the ball rolling, and implement this feature in your business. Please contact FPOS Group and a specialist will be assigned to you if you do not currently have one.

However, if you are not a current FPOS Group or Future POS customer and would like more information on how we save our customer's time and money please click the link below to set up a demonstration from our staff.