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Online Ordering

Exciting Updates You Should Take Part In

Even before the COVID19 Pandemic struck, more and more consumers were choosing to order food online versus ordering on the phone or in person. With many restaurants having to close down or limit the guest experience, the likes of Door Dash and Uber eats have taken off as well. Over the past year Shift4 and Future POS have continued to offer a better experience for the restaurateur to provide your guests with a better online ordering experience.

Door Dash And Uber Eats

For those not familiar with DoorDash and Uber Eats, these are two of the biggest players in online ordering delivery. They allow customers to order food from their apps and have it delivered to them. Although there may be some fees to do so, they eliminate the fact for you to have to manage and maintain a delivery staff. They also can provide your staff with a tablet to enter in your orders versus taking orders over the phone. These companies provide a great way to capture revenue you would not have normally. Luckily, Shift4 is providing a free integration to our customers who are running the newest version of Future POS. This is all maintained through their Lighthouse Business Management Portal.


Future POS Online Ordering

Many of you may already be familiar with TakeOut7, as they have been a great partner with FPOS Group and Future POS over the past 3+ years. Future POS integrates directly with them, and can be set up as a no cost option to the restaurant. This is great for your carry out and self delivery business. They can also help you with creating a landing page website, claim your google address, and market to your customers. This is all included in their services at no additional charge to you, and they offer two different products to consider. Their traditional integration offers the added benefit that they set up and maintain your menu for you. Their  Marketplace integration was one of the first recognized by Shift4, and is one of the most stable platforms on the market.

POS Connect Version 3

They have also recently released a new version of their traditional platform with the following enhancements

  • Active monitoring of your database. New items added will be pushed to the TakeOut7 cloud. Price changes will pass through automatically.
  • Lead time scheduling. For example, 8:00AM to 11:00AM lead time is 30 minutes, 11:00AM to close lead time is 45 minutes, etc.
  • Large order lead time. For example, any order of $100.00 or more can have an additional 15-minute lead time added on to it.
  • Order throttling. For example, between 11:00AM and 2:00PM, your system can only process 50
    orders per hour. Each 15-minute segment can be set to 25 orders so as to not flood the kitchen.
  • Vacation or holiday scheduling. Restaurants can enter when they are closed for July 4th holiday.
    for example. The store will turn itself off July 3rd at close, and then reopen July 5th when service resumes.
  • Lead time thermostat. The restaurant can adjust their lead time up or down for a period of time.


With these three integrations you can better offset your potential lack of dine in business. All three offer a direct integration with Future POS without having to use a separate tablet. If you are looking to add these services, or are looking upgrade your TakeOut7 integration, please reach out to your account rep. If you do not have an account rep please click the link below and one will be assigned to you.

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