Use Future POS To Stop Your Employees From Stealing

Ways Your Staff Can Steal From You & How To Catch Them


Although you may try to hire trustworthy, honest, and loyal employees, sometimes it may not work out that way. The beauty of Future POS is that it is fully customizable. Since Future POS has 99 levels of security, this allows us to create a unique experience for each customer. If you want your system wide open, or locked down tight we have a solution for you. You can even take your Future POS system to the next level by incorporating a camera system into the the POS. This will put text overlay onto your videos to show exactly what your employees are doing. This takes away any doubt they are preforming the right tasks. Make sure to continue reading below to find out different ways your employees can steal from you, and more importantly what FPOS Group and Future POS can do to help prevent this.

Floating Pepsi Trick

This act of thievery is a common practice to cheat a POS system. An employee will use a common self service item like a soda pop, salad, or dessert. When a customer goes to cash out their final transaction, they will transfer this item to a new check. This allows the employee to pocket the difference of that item. The next time someone orders that same exact item, they transfer that item to the new order. This cycle can continue all day. This will allow your employee to pocket some decent money. Luckily, Future POS has a report to run to catch your employee's doing this. The Item Transferred report in the back office can allow you to catch employees using this feature.

Using No Sale To "Ring" In Items

Using the no sale button is a way for your bartender or quick serve employee can make the customer feel like an item is being rung in and pocketing the money. This is preformed by using the no sale button function to pop the drawer, versus the cash out button. Therefore the customer sees the drawer open up, and may even receive change, but no item is actually ran into the system. In a rapidly developing cashless society, there should be no real reason to pop open a drawer anymore. So if you see an employee using this button, chances are they are stealing from you. You can run an Activity Report in Future POS to see if and when this function was preformed.

The "Good" Server

This trick is pretty simple. This is where your employee will just not charge your customer for a beverage in hopes of getting a higher tip. Your customers receive the hook up and the server makes more money. Everyone wins except for you, the owner. The best way to catch these culprits is by running the Beverage Ratio Report in Future POS Back Office reports. There it will show you each employee's attachment rate for beverages. After running this report, you will be able to see how your employees preformed. A good measuring stick is that the national average for this ratio is somewhere around 80%.

Stealing Hours

This way of theft is not specific to any industry. It is where your hourly employees clock in before their scheduled time and/or clock out after their scheduled time. This can allow employees to steal hours to be added to their paycheck. With Future POS, you can require your employee to have a manager approve their clock in and out times to a certain minute threshold. Take this one step further and use 7Shifts Scheduling integration to make this an even easier process.

Voids and Discounts

This is an obvious way of stealing from your bar or restaurant. Voiding and discounting items/tickets is a quick way to take money out of your deposits and right into your employees hands. With iControl, this can be easily tracked via the cloud by running their void report. With Future POS, we can send you text or email notifications every time this activity is preformed as well.

The "Good" Bartender

This idea is similar to the "Good" Server in that the bartender hooks up the customer. Then this bartender will receive higher tips. This could be by way of over pouring alcohol or just giving out free shots. The best way to counter act this is by implementing a liquor control system. Using Berg or Auper with Future POS will deliver a measured pout every time and automatically ring it up in the system.

Everyone is a Manager

As stated above, Future POS can be programed to allow different employee classes have access to specific functions inside the point of sale system. Well all the security levels will not matter if your employees know their manager's override codes. This is usually the case when your managers type in their code. Future POS have two ways to counteract this. The easiest way is by giving your managers employee swipe cards. This way the employees will not be able to see what their code is. If your manager is in the weeds themselves, they can always give an employee their card in emergencies.  When time allows the manager can then audit what actions that employee did with their card. You can even take security to the next level by implementing a finger print reader. This piece of hardware requires a managers finger print to preform overrides.

Multiple Users One Drawer

This method of theft occurs when you have multiple users ringing under the same POS terminal. It is hard to go back an audit a shift if you can not track who and when an act of thievery occurred. For this reason, FPOS Group recommends setting each employee up with their own ID and cash drawer. Future POS has the ability to have multiple employees ring on the same terminal and each have their own cash drawer attached to the system. When a savvy business owner implements this, they can easily track down where missing sales or money went as compared to everyone sharing one drawer and/or login.

Ranch Cups Grow On Trees

This is a frustration most owners have experienced. This theft is when an item is messaged to the kitchen or not rung up at all. This can be something as simple as giving our a free cup of ranch, or messaging to the kitchen add onions. These few cents here and there add up to some serious money at the end of the year. To combat this FPOS Group recommends, making sure all items and their corresponding modifiers are programmed in the system. Combine this with making sure nothing comes out of the kitchen unless it is rung in. Implementing this system control will allow you to gain revenue you would other wise be missing out on.

Server/Bartender Running Their Cash Out Report

If you are allowing your non management employees run cash out reports then you are allowing these employees to determine your profits. If these employees know what they owe you at the end of their shift, then they can pocket the rest. There are many little tricks for employees to steal from you, but its hard for them to account on their side for this theft. Have your managers run your employees cash out report, or implement blind drops to put a stop to this behavior. Additionally, you can spot check an employee's drawer during their shifts to keep them honest.

The Happiest Hour Pricing

This way employees steal from you involves happy hour pricing. This can be accomplished two ways. The first is if you have specific buttons for your happy hour items. This would allow employees to ring up items at happy hour pricing at any time. Future POS, can solve this problem by implementing price scheduling. This allows for the same item to be rung up at different times and change pricing. The other way your employees can use happy hour pricing to their advantage is by ringing up items during the happy hour time period ahead of when the customer needs the drinks. This allows your bartender to offer happy hour pricing to a customer who stays after the happy hour pricing. If you run a movement report in Future POS you can see down to the second when items are rung in to help put a stop to this method of theft.

Reopen Closed Check

This way of thievery has to do with cash transactions. If a customer paid for their check in cash and the check is settled out, then the employee will reopen this check. They can then void off the payment and pocket the cash. Braver employees will even void the items off the check. To check on your employees to ensure this is not happening at your establishment, simply run an Activity Report for reopened checks.

Price Override

This method of theft will take place where there are buttons that allow for price override. Your employees can override a price to their liking, even zero priced. This allows them to pocket the difference. The best way to stop this act from happening is by either getting rid of the button, or tracking the action in Future POS's Activity Report.


These are just some of the many ways your employees can steal from you. Ultimately the POS can be a powerful tool to deter theft but you may need to do some work on your side to show your employees that you are watching them. Another bonus trick to check on your employees is to check their tip percentage on their tickets. This can be done easily inside of iControl and allows you to follow up on outliers to see why an employee received a large tip. Follow the links below to find out more information to help you save time and money.


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