Why Choose Future POS?

Future POS Powered By FPOS Group Is The Best Overall Solution In The Industry!

Why FPOS Group?

In the US the hospitality business is constantly changing. We have been around from cash to cloud and are here to provide solutions to your problems. The last thing you want to do is worry about running your Point of Sale system. To us at FPOS Group, service and support are everything and are a part of our company’s DNA. That is something our founder Dean Prichard wanted when he left NCR as a seasoned technician and opened FPOS Group in 1966. Whether you need something simple or complex, we have a solution to provide for you at a price you can afford!

Business In A Box

The beauty of Future POS is that it is a business in the box. Many of our competitors nickle and dime you for modules and integrations. Future POS comes with these great features built into the system right from the beginning. This means you can use this system to run payroll, inventory, gift cards, loyalty, social media, marketing, and many more functions to help get the most profits out of your business. Looking for a complete solution to help run your system? Look no further than Future POS and FPOS Group.



Future POS starts by helping with your payroll needs. Employees can clock in with either their number or to use an employee swipe card. The beauty of the employee swipe card is that it eliminates employees from knowing managements numbers. They will need a manager, or at least their card, present in order to perform voids and discounts. Their punch information is then tracked and can be run as a report in the back office or shared with our partners (7Shifts and HotSchedules) for advanced features like sharing employees across multiple locations  Additionally, when your schedule is in Future POS, you can even restrict employees from clocking in early or late without a manager’s approval. Saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in payroll.

Speed & Ease Of Use

FPOS Group and Future POS pride ourselves in speed and ease of use. The main feature that allows us to do so, and sets us apart from our competition, is Multi-Column Modifiers. Gone are the days of migrating from screen to screen to ring in one entrée. With Future POS all modifiers can be displayed on one screen allowing for quicker entry. This not only makes it easier on your staff but reduces errors, saving you time and money.

Take this one step further with allowing your customers to ring in their items. This is achieved with either a Kiosk or with Free Online and Mobile ordering. Customers can place orders from a mobile friendly website. These items are automatically run up in your system and automatically print to the kitchen.

Kitchen Display Systems (KDS)

We have integrated kitchen display screens. Increase your communication and reduce errors and paper costs when you implement Whether you want a digital representation of your tickets, or be able to share and bump from station to station, FPOS Group and Future POS have a solution for you.


Gift and Loyalty

A great way to provide a better customer experience is by implementing Future POS’s FREE customer loyalty and gift card modules. Future POS allows for multiple ways to configure a loyalty program to fit your needs. Get your customers information like their email, phone numbers, and birthdays to help market to them. All while rewarding them for patronizing your establishment. This will get your customers coming back more often, spending more money, and bringing more people to your restaurant. Take your marketing to the next level by partnering with FanConnect and let their loyalty and marketing team run these promotions for you. 

Additionally, giving your customers the chance to give or receive a gift card from their favorite establishment can go a long way. Often times these gift cards go unredeemed. This is free money to your business while offering a better customer experience. There are even enterprise solutions to provide gift cards for multi store locations

POS Notify

Future POS Curbside Notify

Are you struggling to communicate with your customers about their visit? With POS Notify‘s Future integration suite, you to have two way communication with your customers through Future POS via text. Order Notity allows you to send a text to your customer letting them know their order is ready. Table Notify allows you to text your customers that their table is ready. No longer do you need to use a costly pager system. Finally with Curbside Notifications you can send a text message to and have them let you know when they have arrived. They will put in information like the car they are driving and ticket prints at your restaurant letting you know to run out their food to them. Create a better way to communicate with your customers and eliminate the need for your staff to use their personal phones. Communicate with your customers with text messaging right from your POS

Check Settlement

Now it’s time to ring out an order. Future POS makes it easy to split checks and items. With the click of a button I can split that appetizer with whatever seats I want. Seat 1 and 2 want to split the app but not seat 3. NO Problem! You can easily move items from one screen to another and split tickets within the system. Add a SkyTab device to your system and take payment right at the table. Quit spending extra time on splitting items and tickets and switch to Future POS with FPOS Group today.

Shift4 Payments

All Future POS systems are now powered by Shift4 Payments. They are a leader in secure processing supporting customers such as Caesar’s Palace, Dennys, KFC, Las Vegas Raiders’ Stadium, and Dairy Queen. FPOS Group are not only experts in the point of sale world but have become your guide to the payments industry. Shift4 provides you with state of the art EMV readers and gateways that make sure your payments are contactless and the most secure in the industry. They also provide a backend portal that provides you with not only basic reporting, but a way to aggregate all of your social media platforms and reviews into one place. When you sign up for Lighthouse BMS it gives you access to customer marketing and all new integrations like UberEats


Owning a business does not stop with just ringing up items. Future POS provides you with a FREE inventory system that allows you to break down costs of a burger to the bun level. The system can even allow you to create a variance report to find areas of loss prevention concern. You can also work with other third party software companies like Avero and Restaurant365 for advance inventory needs.


Having the pulse of your business is imperative to having long term success. Future POS systems have the luxury of working with iControl Multi-Store Management Software. iControl lets you take control of your inventory, accounting, reporting, and scheduling all in real time. One location or 1 thousands we have you covered. Up to 8 years of information can be accessed whether you’re in front of your desk or on vacation at the beach with your phone. Make sure you are getting real time alerts, sales and labor analysis, and trends right from your mobile device. Take iContol to the next level by working with one of their premium integrations with 7Shifts, reciProfity or Quickbooks. The beauty of Future is although it does not require the internet to function, you can still access your system remotely.

Service and Support

If you are looking for a reliable system that is easy to use then look no further than Future POS. What sets FPOS Group apart from our competition is our commitment to personalized attention to not our installs but our relationship afterwards. We offer same day onsite service to our customers in Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia, Kentucky, and DFW areas. Our headquarters in Akron Ohio houses senior management, phone support staff and service center. We have satellite offices in the Cincinnati and Dallas areas as well.

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