Why Upgrade Your Future POS System

The Time To Upgrade Your System Is NOW!


The hospitality industry has been forever changed by the COVID19 pandemic. Because of this, there have been great advancements in technology for the hospitality business. FPOS Group has been at the forefront of technology since it's inception. From our humble beginnings with cash registers to the advancing point of sale world. This is where we really began to shine! That is why we are excited to bring you some of these new features available with recent upgrades to the Future POS family.


For those users of Future using older equipment, you may be seeing some performance issues. The newer equipment that we  install currently delivers a better experience for your system. Additionally, Windows 7 is now not supported by Microsoft, making this a security risk to your system. With recent supply chain issues, we are seeing prices on our hardware at an all time high. With rapidly increasing pricing, buy now to lock in your price.

Another great piece of technology to help out your business are Kitchen Display Screens or (KDS). They create a digital version of your kitchen's checks and easily display orders on screens from multiple stations. This system allows your staff to bump orders from one screen to another. Implementing this technology helps out with communication in the kitchen. These displays work in conjunction with, or can even replace your kitchen printers.

Finally, the handheld technology that is available now is much better than in years past. We now offer multiple options for handhelds depending on what your needs are. We have the ability to order and pay at the table.  Handheld devices allows for you to provide a quicker and better experience for your customers.


Future POS Version 6 is the latest version of Future POS, and has been available for the over 5 years now. That being said all other versions have become or are becoming end of life. What does that mean for you? If you are not on Version 6 you could be at risk for additional bugs and not be able to run some of the newest hardware and software enhancements. Some of these software enhancements are kiosk mode, QR pay/order, online ordering, integrations to third party delivery apps and much more.


Shift4 is the name of the merchant service company that acquired Future POS software and credit card gateway in 2017. Since this acquisition there has been a great deal of capital spent on bringing our customers new technology at little to no cost. One of these no cost items are EMV readers. These devices are the chip card readers that connect to every terminal that you have. EMV readers are usually a $250-$500 value. Shift4 provides and warrantees them at no cost to you. Please follow this link, so that you can understand why you are at risk if you are not currently using EMV readers.

Furthermore, they provide you with an advanced multi store reporting tool in iControl. This cloud program allows you to view your sales from a single unit or multistore location from anywhere with an internet connection. For those with multistore, it even allows you to make changes across all the platforms at once. Another product Shift4 provides for you is Lighthouse BMS, which is a robust portal that allows you to better run your business. Please follow this link to learn more about Lighthouse BMS.

Finally, for those concerned about switching merchant services, have no fear. FPOS Group is a dealer for Shift4. What does that means for you? We are the same company that has valued creating long term relationships, and can now streamline the process between your credit cards and Future POS System. We now become a one stop shop that is able to provide better account management and support. We can even provide a set it and forget it rate, where your customer's pay your credit card fees, if your sick of paying for them!


There has never been a better time to reevaluate how you operate your business, so please let us show you how the latest technology can help streamline your operation, saving you time and putting money back in your pocket.


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Need To Upgrade Your Bar/Restaurant?

Any current FPOS Group customer should reach out to their sales representative to get the ball rolling, and implement upgrading your system. Please contact FPOS Group and a specialist will be assigned to you if you do not currently have one.

However, if you are not a current FPOS Group or Future POS customer and would like more information on how we save our customer's time and money please click the link below to set up a demonstration with our staff.